I help academics get published, get funded, and get into the habit of writing so that they can advance their careers.


The unfinished research paper that's been haunting you in your sleep? Yeah, let's deal with that.

Or maybe it's the grant proposal that didn't get funded that's keeping you up at night.

Let's face it: as an academic, you're supposed to 'just know' how to write. How hard can it be, right? Really freaking hard.

How do you write a killer grant proposal? How do you write a publishable journal article? How do you find the time and self-discipline to write when you have a bajillion other things on your plate?

One of the most basic components of academic success—writing—is something that rarely gets taught. That's NUTS.

You could use trial and error, like you're expected to. OR...you could get some help. Check out my services to see what I can do to help you.


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Cut the Crap: How to Revise and Edit Your Academic Writing


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Need help with your writing?

With more than a decade of experience in editing and grant development, I can make the writing process easier. I can help you get your writing projects out the door.

Academic Editing

Academic Editing

 Save yourself time, energy, and frustration: hire me to polish your manuscript before you submit to a journal. This isn't a spell-check! I make sure your paper is clear, logical, and well-written. I'll make sure you sound like a genius.

Grant Development


Whether it's a career-defining grant or your very first proposal, you need to be strategic. I'll make sure your proposal is clear and persuasive. I'll show you how to check all of the boxes that reviewers are looking for. 


writing coaching

You need someone to hold you accountable so that you can get back on track. Or maybe writing is such a struggle these days that you need to be talked off a ledge. Whether you need a good cop or bad cop, I'll get you there.

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