Sarah Dobson

Hey There!

I'm Sarah. I'm so glad you're here.


What I do

I help people get funded, get published, and get über-productive so they can do what they love. Bottom line: I help people write clearly and strategically for the right audience.

I’m an editor, a grant writer, and a writing coach for researchers and non-profits—visionaries working for the greater good. I’m also the co-founder of a non-profit, a researcher, a food nerd, an outdoor fanatic, and a jumpsuit aficionado. (I like all the things.)


What I believe

  1. We're all in this together
  2. Life is infinitely better when we contribute to something larger than ourselves
  3. People should spend the bulk of their working life doing what they love

In the last decade or so I've worn many different professional hats and I've done some things I'm really proud of. I worked with some world-class researchers. I managed research centres with large teams and large budgets. I started a non-profit that got its first contract within 3 months of incorporating. I did some research that made its way into the educational standards for medical residents around the world.

I didn't do any of this alone, of course. Not even close. What I've always done is work with enthusiastic people who strive to make a difference—whether through research, service, or creativity. Scrappy, big-hearted, passionate people are totally my tribe.

Over the years I've learned that when I’m doing what I love I’m providing my highest value. When I’m doing what I love everything seems easier. And believe me, as someone basically conditioned to do things the hard way, this was a freaking REVELATION.

I learned that these are the things that I do best:

Playing with other people's writing to make it clear, sophisticated, and persuasive.

Getting to the root of things—quickly.

Getting sh*t done and teaching others how to get sh*t done.

Serving from the heart.


Five things to know about me

1. I've been a Grade A bookworm since childhood. Check out this photo of me as a kid walking uphill with my nose in a book:

This is me, circa 1993 (in Italy), more interested in my book than the scenery. I wish I could tell you that I was reading Mark Twain or Shakespeare, but it's probably VC Andrews.

2. I started nerding out on editing when I worked at Incite Magazine (it did not look that cool in the nineties. Bravo, Incite). I'm still such a nerd about it that I'm a member of Editors Canada.

3. I read cookbooks like they're novels. I also read a lot of novels. Ask me what you should read next!

4. I'm a medical marvel: I have an ultra-rare illness that has led to five brain surgeries (so far) and I've been written up as a case report in a medical journal. (I'm fine, though. Thanks for asking.)

5. Confession: I can be pretty snobby about music, but I've been known to take dance breaks with Justin Bieber. Not in public. NEVER IN PUBLIC.


How can I help?

I've been really lucky to work with people who truly love what they do. I want to keep doing that. And I want to make it easier for you, so that you can do what you do best.

If writing is something that trips you up, slows you down, or frustrates the heck out of you, I can help. I can suggest where to focus your efforts when it comes to finishing a writing project. I can assess what you've written and help to make sure it has the best chance of getting published or funded. I can help you find ways to make the writing process easier.

I do all of these things with a lot of love and a bit of edge. If that's your style, we'll get on like a house on fire.