Writing on a deadline when you have a million other things on your plate is a recipe for a meltdown.

Make it easy on yourself. Get help.

Are you writing a CIHR or NIH grant proposal in 2018? Take a look at my services and courses:

So you're thinking about hiring me to help with your grant proposal? That's awesome! You'll be joining an elite group of nerds from places like Vanderbilt University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Minnesota, and others.

Do you work for a non-profit? Fantastic! I've worked with local and provincial organizations, and I even started a non-profit myself a few years ago. Boy, do I get it.

Working with me will save you tons of time and stress.

But before you decide to work with me, let me take you through a few steps to see whether this is the right move for you.


Okay, convince me. Why do I need a grant writer?


(Wow, that's a bit rude.) Maybe you don't! Let's figure this out.


First question: Do you work at A) a university or B) a non-profit?


If you work at a university

Congratulations! You don't need a grant writer. (You're responsible for making sure the project is scientifically and ethically sound)

BUT...you might think about hiring me to review your grant and give you advice on strategy and persuasive writing.

(I'll get to that later. Keep reading.)

If you work at a non-profit

Great! I have more questions for you.

Keep reading.


second question: How clear are you on your project?


If you work at a university

If you're writing a research proposal, this is something I can review and advise on to make sure you're submitting the strongest possible application.


If you work at a non-profit

If you want to hire me to write a non-profit project proposal, we're probably going to need to work pretty closely together to make sure that I understand what you're trying to accomplish. Bringing in an outsider who needs time to get up to speed on your organization can get expensive, and is usually only worth it if you're planning on hiring me for multiple applications. Are you sure there's no one in your organization with the time and the ability to write the proposal?


Third Question: when's the grant deadline?

I hate to break it to you, but if your answer is less than a month, this probably isn't going to work out. Why are you procrastinating? This is for money for your project! Yeesh. Feel free to get in touch to see if I can squeeze you in for a rush project, though.


Argh. Can't we just figure this out over the phone?


Of course! I thought you'd never ask.