Grant Camp

Four-Week Online Course for Health Researchers

January 2018

$699 USD

(includes lifetime access to course materials and any updates)


In this four-week online course, I walk you through the major components of a health research grant proposal (including NIH and CIHR applications), and I teach you the writing skills and strategies you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Each week includes live teaching, live office hours, optional guided writing time, and an online space for Q&A and support. I also make you do homework, the very least, you'll have someone lighting a fire under your butt for a month.

Can't make the live classes? No sweat. You can watch a recording of the session later and ask questions in the online community. ALSO: You have lifetime access to the recordings of the teaching sessions (and any updates), so you can come back to these materials any time you like. Or, join me again any time I run the course live...FOR FREE!


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WEEK One: Positioning your research

Learn what reviewers really want to know about your research, and how to write about it, in the key grant sections (in NIH R01 grants these would be the Specific Aims and Research Strategy sections, for example). Learn how to be consistent across the sections without being redundant.

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Week Two: Describing your Research Approach

This is the big one: how to describe your work. Learn how to describe what you'll do and how you'll do it in a way that resonates with reviewers.

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Week Three: Writing your budget, Describing your Team & Collaborators, and using Appendices

Learn the essentials of strategic budgeting, and learn key strategies to make the most out of your descriptions of your research team and your collaborators.

Grant Camp Online Course for Health Researchers

Week Four: Pulling it All Together

Learn writing techniques to make your proposal stand out from the competition, and discover how to take advantage of your institution's in-house resources to submit an even better proposal.


Bonuses (Heck Yeah!)

Grant Prep Essentials.png

Grant Prep Essentials: A Step-by-step guide

In less than 60 minutes, I walk you through everything you need to do (er, MUST do) to set yourself up for a successful and stress-free grant writing experience. Think: eligibility, funding guidelines, institutional support, CVs, and so on. Includes specific instructions for the NIH and CIHR folks.

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Academic Workflow: Tools and Systems for Super-Efficient Research

This bonus course takes you through the tools and systems you need to be organized, efficient and productive in your research: as a grad student, postdoc, clinician researcher, or faculty member. ( can use these tools in real life, too.)

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Online Community

One of the best things about taking a grant writing course is knowing that other people find it hard. Go ahead and ask a question in the group. Two things could happen: a) you'll get wise advice from your peers, or b) I'll answer the question and you'll help other people who had the same question—but were too embarrassed to ask.

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