No need to scream into the void.

(You can scream into a group of virtual strangers instead.)



My free online academic writing group is a space to get support from people who get what you're going through.

It's a space to celebrate your wins with people who get what it's like to have an *encouraging* meeting with your supervisor.

It's a space to spark some of the enthusiasm you lost.


We focus on creating strong writing habits, setting bold and achievable goals, and building a supportive that you can get that effing doctoral thesis finished, and move on with your life.

Being a member of Spark is like having a cheering squad, a therapist, and a writing coach in your back pocket.

Join Spark to get free daily support and motivation for your academic writing!


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What will my academic writing group help you with?

It'll help you stop procrastinating.

It'll help you map out everything you need to do to meet that submission deadline.

It'll help you feel less isolated (because you're in a group with other grad students).

It'll help you be more self-aware about your habits, which can help you become more disciplined.

It'll help you prioritize your writing.

It'll help you meet a major goal, quickly (with our bimonthly Writing Accelerators).

It'll help you feel happier and more confident about your writing.

It'll help you with your academic writing skills.

Who's it for?

Spark is ideal for grad students.


It's for you if...

You've been doing this forever, but you feel like you're way behind.

You set a writing goal, you don't make it, and then you hate yourself for a week.

You've broken down in tears in your supervisor's office.

You have no one else to talk to regularly about your writing, besides your cat.

You've tried all the ways you know of to motivate yourself, but nothing's working.

You have a submission deadline you're aiming for, but you have no idea how you'll make it.


It's not for you if...

You're not an academic writer.

You have a great mentor or supervisor, a writing buddy, a knack for project management, and/or a crapload of self-confidence.


Not a grad student?

Spark can also help you if you're a Postdoc, clinician researcher (MDs, RNs, etc.), or an early-career researcher looking for a community to keep you accountable, focused, and on track with your academic writing.